Mitt foto
A close friend once said to me "Your search to define who you are has become an essential part of who you are". So therefore I will not introduce myself, not being quite sure yet. If you are reading this you are probably close to me and know me well already.


So little time..

Hi all!

Sorry for being such an ambivalent blogger!
One week I post like ten posts and the next week; zero.

Work has been a little overwhelming, as has the new arrival of a long lost friend.
Actually, he's my boyfriend from when I was 16, we were together for five weeks and never hung out.
Plus, the departure of a very close friend yesterday. So.
Yeah. I've been busy.

Today, Saturday, I had no plans whatsoever.
Needed to clean the apartment but really didn't feel like it. I slept in, had breakfast in bed together with French Marie Claire, ELLE Paris and Italian Grazia, then went for coffee.

Tonight I cooked, watched TV and read the new issue of French Marie Claire.
Getting all psyched up for the upcoming trip soon!

Then I watched the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary and I loved every second of it.
He truly is the gay crush of my life.
It also made me remember the enthusiasm I had for fashion and this whole industry when I started studying, my heart started beating faster and faster while watching.
It's kind of easy to forget when I'm in the longest detail discussion over Hello Kitty hairstrings, via e-mail, with Hong Kong.

See a clip of it here:

Then I surfed the usual blogs and came up with these inspiring photos from a French blog;
Style & The City Paris!

Enjoy and have a great weekend all of y'all!

Fashion can be fun sometimes, right?!

I need glasses and the larger the better. Will look for these.

Rare to see an Asian girl that looks European for a change. I like her hair.

This is what I want to look like, forever and ever. She's gorgeous!
Also inspires me to finally take the step and go for a full-on fringe!

I'd love to travel in style like this! I always arrive all messy and mad.


The most amazing sky

Look at this beautiful sky this evening.

Me and Gilla had rented a movie and when we returned back home Gilla looked out the window and called me over.

Look for yourselves. And I swear, no editing whatsoever of the pics! They are taken at different times, that's why the colours change a bit, plus I played around w ISO and whitebalance whilst shooting.

When we first saw it..

Then a little later..

A couple of minutes later..

And after maybe 15 minutes it got much higher! Amazing!
Then the clouds returned and the sky was grey again.

Last night I listened to One Republic, the band that made that tiring "Apologize" song with Timbaland earlier this year. I must say I really really like his voice. He plays the piano and the guitar, plus writes all the songs AND is a song writer for plenty of popular artists!
His name is Ryan Tedder, even the name is adorable.

And, here's the best part, he's born in 1979! Perfect! Finally a man I like that is younger than 35! Haha. He's cute in a funny way, looks a little like a cartoon animal of some sort. Really nice voice. Wouldn't mind him singing me to sleep every night.
I'll ask him over to see my view. Hahaha.

And, not forgetting, the original version of "Apologize" is much much better than the remix with that annoying Timbaland hollering in the background.

"..Imse vimse spindel, klättar uppför trån'.."

This evening, except for taking a hundred of photos of my view (I'm beginning to feel like the weather reports) we were supposed to watch a movie but after getting way into "The Next Best Thing" with Madonna and Rupert Everett we watched that one instead. And I advice you not to, it was crap.

Then we saw an old Posh Spice video with that fat guy from Another Level, that random British boyband that I liked so much for like 6 months when we were 17. Jonna hated that song "Freak Me". So we You Tubed them.

We moved on to other boybands throughout the evening, in order:

Another Level
New Kids on the Block

It was such a walk down memory lane, all elementary school memories!

Our funniest was by far:

Another Level "Bomb Diggy"

E 17- Thunder

NKOTB- Hangin' Tough

I had forgotten it even existed!!!! "Tonight" was my all-time favourite!

"The Jordan Knightmare Interview", hilarious! I can never think of him in the same way ever again..
Whatever way that was... Hmm..

Off to bed.

Come on people, opinions on the coat, please!


My coat

Ok folks, here you go. Give me your comments please. Yes or no?

Dark pic, but good to see the silhouette!

Front, still a little dark

Side, see it's a little bulky and hanging heavy.. Hmm..

And a little fattening as well..
(Also discovered w this photo that the previous tenant had four shelves attached to back wall!)

Front again, pleating and the generous sleeves

From the back. This photo makes me think of Balenciaga, I think it's the silhouette and the voluminous sleeves

Pleating in back. Looks like a wool kimono almost. Not good.

Finally.. The last one of about a hundred photos! I was boiling in it!

In a little while..

I'll go and pick up the coat I wrote of yesterday.

I'll get it, come back home, and post pics of what it looks like.

It's wool (recycled, soo cool!) and with silk (or something like it) lining. The hem hits just at the knee. Will it make me short and stubby when I can't wear high heels with it? Will it make me as bulky as I think? Will I not wear it once I get it?

See, so many questions and there's only one way to find out.

Watch this space for photos!


My current view

Isn't this the most gorgeous view?
For every day that I get to wake up and go to bed here, I am grateful.

Have a good evening, all of you.
I'm off to see Linda at the 08 party!

Weekly update

So, after having been back to work for a week I've been exhausted.

I haven't seen, met, nor spoken to anyone for four days.
My main project these days, except for living through long days, has been to find a camera.

After two sleepless nights and plenty of phonecalls to different vendors, I had almost decided to splurge on a Panasonic Lumix TZ2 with wide-angle lens and yadi yada.
But everyone kept telling me to get the cheaper Canon Ixus 80,
the one I already thought of.


What I did was to call the place that sold the Lumix for the highest price and asked them which to buy. I thought, if anyone should advice me to buy that one, it's them.
And if they tell me to get the Canon, well, then I'll just get the Canon.
Who am I to question ten professionals?

And you know what, they told me to get the Canon. So I did.
And I like it. Don't love it. Not yet.

Where I spend most of my free time. Just me, Fred and Josef Frank's Manhattan

Jonna and I talked about why I put so much effort into researching, it's almost like a drug.
I did it from 18.00 in the evening until 02.00 in the morning, for two consecutive nights. Arrived to work sleepy-eyed and tired, but I couldn't wait for the moment to go back home and continue searching.
In my lunch break I made phonecalls to vendors.
You get it.

Anyways, my theory is that I have it very easy to get addicted to things
(Thank God for not being in direct contact with drugs..) and
get hooked and never getting enough.
With people, with things, with feelings, with flavours, with music, cigarettes, wine..

And also, when I begin looking for something, wether it is a camera (as in this case),
a dress, shoes, magazine, furniture.. I always keep looking for that thing that finally completes me, that makes my life matter.
It sounds really sad, but it doesn't have to be.
It also makes me wanting more, going on and on.
Upward, forward is the thing.

Enough of this reflectiveness and let's move on!

Last night I bought my camera and then I went to the opening of the new Monki store
in the smack center of Stockholm.
It was a little rainy but the fashionable people of the capital had gathered for free wine, nibbles and cheap clothes.
It was nice but they poured me the fullest plastic mug of rosé and after having downed that one, I was down (and out) as well. Walking in zig-zag to the bus home at 21.30.

Testing my new camera before going out

Sanna and Lisa

Today at lunch I saw my friend Anneka who has been to Florence to visit our friend Alexandra. Alex lives with my best Florence friend, Natalia,
so then they all got to hang out together. Lucky them.

She told me of all the things they'd done and where they had been eating and so on.
4 Leoni.. I love you. It made my heart ache, I miss it so much.

Anneka brought me back a birthday present from Nati and Alex.
Look below.

When I first saw them I was literally blinded by all the colours (you know I'm quite a natural shade person) and it took my approximately 5 seconds to fall head over heals in love.
I cherish them.

Tonight it is the 080808 party.
08 is the telephone area code for Stockholm so tonight we celebrate our beautiful city.
I actually see some blue skies after a day of rain. I think it might be a good night.

Looking east..

Looking west..

I also found an orange little banana fly with red eyes, in my glass, walking on the surface of the wine I'm drinking.
When I tried to lift him up using a piece of paper
(I didn't want to accidentally drown him, it's a good bottle of Sicilian wine) I succeeded,
but then happened to get stuck with the paper on the curved edge of my huge wine glass
and I catapulted him back into it and he died.

I poured myself a new glass and now I'm thinking that it can't get worse than that.

Looking forward to tonight! What are you up to, my loves?
Please write and tell!

Midnight sun

For all of you who wonder;
Matteo and his friends had reached Rovaniemi, northern Finland, two days ago.

They are sightseeing during the days (whatever there is to see up there..!) and driving at nights, taking turns I presume.

I hope he gets to see some reindeer as he wished.

Input please!

I found this today in the shops and I absolutely love it.

It is a size 34 and it was a little bulky though. I was told there are no smaller sizes and I am afraid it will make me look.. well.. bulkier.

Anyhow, the fitting is very very generous at the top, 3/4 length sleeves, tight-fitting waist and pocket. Kind of a tulip shape.

I was complimented in the shop by an American woman who thought it looked stunning. Hmm.

Don't know if I have the money though, especially after buying my love, the Canon Ixus (see below).

I'm thinking about buying it and returning it if I find a nicer coat in Paris. I think I have 30 days to return it. Then, water and air for 17 days!

Please, give me your input!


Anthony Bourdain is at Lux! Not in this moment, but on my TV!

His show Anthony Bourdain No Reservations are filming from Stockholm and he's enjoying the local dishes at the restaurant around the corner from where I live.

Oh, I wish it was in real time so I could go down there and shake his hand for being so damn funny!

Oh, and now he's at Mondo! But, why is he there with Kicki Berg from Mtv? I don't like her..

I Googled the band that's playing at the Mondo the night that he's there, and it turns out he was here in November 2005. I think I have to talk to Discovery about updating their show more often...! Grr.

Ah, now they are having Tunnbrödrulle and a Pucko and he loves it. They are at the local grill at Medborgarplatsen.

Oooh, I really really like him.


Wouldn't that be something

Hey all,

forgot to mention that I listened to Bruce all the way back home.

Realized that all I want is to love and to be loved like a Springsteen song.

Nothing could be more beautiful than that.


My addiction

Well, after two days in the wilderness I am back in the city.

I have sunbathed, started and finished "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close", eaten and slept for about 25 hours out of the 50 hours I've been there.

Enjoying the warm water from the bridge by the boats

The book was amazing, I loved it.
A bit hard to get into, but after 10 or so pages, I was lost.
Marvelled over the language and innovative thoughts of the writer, cried a little bit when reading about the grand-parents..
I simply loved it.

Smoked salmon, egg, herring and sourcream from the store.
The rest from our own garden. Yummy.

Also did a little bit of shopping, when the sky opened and the rain came down.
Two pairs of shoes and an over-size white basic tee. The shoes are mainly comfortable and wearable for long days in Paris, very sensible of me!

This view made us decide to leave one day early

Safe back home on my couch.
Ate some fresh vegetables from the cottage garden and turned the TV on.
5 hours later I realize I am stuck. I am glued to BBC Food and Discovery Food & Travel.

Nigella, Anthony Bourdain, Masterchef goes large, Dehli Belly.. I cannot get enough!

No wonder I am hungry all the time!

Tomorrow I will enjoy a lazy Sunday with bestest Jonna. Will go camera hunting at Åhléns, since I got a gift card there from my parents.

And oh, I went on a coffee date with Matteo before leaving for the countryside.
He's lovely and very sweet but on his way to see Laps and reindeer in northern Finland, in a caravan with six other Italians.. For some reasons I don't think we're meant to be.

Dokomo wonders who drank almost half of his afternoon drink with fresh raspberries