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A close friend once said to me "Your search to define who you are has become an essential part of who you are". So therefore I will not introduce myself, not being quite sure yet. If you are reading this you are probably close to me and know me well already.


Good stuff

Last night I was supposed to watch "He's just not that into you", inspired of a scene from the Sex and The City show, and curl up in bed.
I had no snacks at home and I was in a very snacky mood, so I checked what was in my fridge.
I had nothing but 1 kg of beetroots and I googled beetroot crisps and came up with this.
They were really good if you like beetroots although I would advice you to crank the heat up some and then leave them to cold afterwards, as they are still quite mushy after 15 mins in the oven. I had them with salt, no oil. Delicious and healthy!

Today I binged on potatoes slices in the oven, baked with rosemary and olive oil. I made a sour-cream dip with pepper, tomatoe puré and ketchup.
Really good.

This was my way of waving bye-bye to all things packed with carbs as I am trying to lose some quick weight as well as working out. The main reason is my up and coming trip back home to Florence.
Since my leaving, 2,5 years ago, I gained 8 kgs and I would like to lose at least some of them.
Although, I must add, becoming a newly addicted gym-oholic I must say it's not so much the weight itself, but how I feel about myself.

I have also seriously seriously considered selling parts of my body to be able to afford these shoes. I tried them on in Paris in August, I need to have them.

Gucci Babouska, be mine! I could walk a thousand miles in these!

Waiting around for the latest episode of The City to be added to, I have waited for a whole week!! So tried my eyes almost cross, but I need to get my weekly fashion fix, drama fix, thin fix and NYC fix.

Tomorrow I have a Minimarket at Weekday fashion preview party to go to, a little wine to down (perhaps at Riche?) and before that, hitting the gym! Can't wait to yoga away, totally zen like!

Tootles my dears, hope to get a comment soon again! I miss them!

The Academy Awards 2009

There are sites that only tell you the name and the designer.
And then there is Gawker, always with the funniest bylines.

Seeing the photos at I must mention Natalie Portman in Rodarte (although the colour was a little weird). She is so beautiful.

Conclusion is that strapless and assymetric is cool when you go to big parties like this.
Sadly I spotted no hair accessories, and the jewelry I thought was too discrete
(only not so much so on Sophia Loren).

Nicole and Tilda both looked slightly deader than usual
(I know it's incorrect to conjugate like that but what else to say)..
and I am surprised to see Sean Penn and Robin back together. There went all my hope.

I also heard a rumour that Sarah Jessica Parker fainted in her gown?
And why is Anne Hathaway always so boring?

All red carpet photos courtesy of


To get us back on track with each other, me telling you all about my life and you knowing all about my life, I will give you some photos to show you what's in my head, in my heart, around me and with me!

Hope I've kept some faithful readers during my disappearance..!

Making Italian foccaccia with rosemary, sea salt, olive oil and black olives together with Elena (photo) and Emilia. We also had some chanterel risotto, yum.
And to believe that I am swearing off carbs now, to lose water weight quickly! AAH!

Monki pumps that I had to return when I was out of money.
Really sad, I liked them. I think we can rekindle our romance one payday is here..!

H&M black pumps.
I kept these ones when going broke, I used them straight after buying them since I fell so much in love.
Very comfy and very cheap.
I love H&M for quick fixes like this! They will most likely be my travelling shoes for Italy!

Elena at Emilia's.
Pre-party that just ended up being the three of us munching away on biscuits and French cheese.

See how happy we were!

Emilia enjoying her white wine

At the actual party, we were all kind of missing the cheese. We left quite early.

I think I need this for my coins and cards. Yup.
Balenciaga at their best. Nicholas, be mine!

Source: The Sartorialist

This crew had their photo taken at Pitti Filati in Florence, by Scott.
I used to sunbathe with this group when I lived there.
They were sooo fashion, I didn't understand how they could expose their white skin to the scorching Italian sun? Let's also add they were always decked out in neon patent leather swimwear, Ray Bans and lots of hair product. I once saw one of them go in the water in the pool.
The others I think had their casual cigarette in hand at all times, thus preventing them from actually swimming.

And this, dear readers, is me summer 2009. Hahaha!
I actually admire the way Heidi has shaped up, physically that is (mentally she's as empty as always) and I find it inspiring. Since I now go religiously to the gym like three times a week, I need the motivation to keep me from the crisps and the candy.
Boobs aside, I think she has a nice lean body.

Beautiful Minimarket AW09 boots!
Will most definitely pick up a pair, the problem is to pick a colour!
Pierre Hardy slingbacks! Not usually a fan but I really like these!

The gorgeour Chloé Milton hobo.
I tried to forget about it for two months now, but it's still on sale at Luisa Via Roma in Florence.
I love it, they sell it in cream white lamb skin, it is to die for.
If I take out all my savings and promise not to buy (nor eat) anything until the summer, perhaps I could make it.


So many things have happened. I will tell you mainly in photos, as I have trouble recalling exactly when and where I've been!

This year started off with me being very ill, staying in for a week with the flu. That made me save money and drop one size in jeans.

Have spoken to my dear friend in NYC as well. I think he misses me.
Sadly, as much as I do care for him, we are nothing alike and I think we would drive each other mad if we even as much as tried to be together (a physical impossibility but you know) even though I must admit I am so tempted on leaving this life behind and settling in NYC.

I miss that place so much it hurts.

I have also gotten tickets to go to Florence in the end of March! I will be away for ten days and I am super psyched! Trying to save up but I'm afraid it's impossible.
So, no Gucci for me? We'll see.

With Jonna and the girls at a bar at Södermalm.
We celebrated that we are not trees and that the paycheck had arrived! I was so happy since I had found a sequinned jacket and new shoes!

Sthlm Fashion Week.
Waiting outside for the Weekday show. Me and Emilia ended up going drinking at Berns instead, as we didn't have the patience to wait.

My darling friend Tommaso flew in from Milan for the day and we ended up at Berns for the last night of Sthlm Fashion Week.
This was us after two glasses of wine at 10 p.m.

This is Tommy around 2 a.m.
I was in no state to be photograped at all.

I lost my steady hands around midnight I'd say.
Here is my darling Gorjan on the phone with our mutual friend James in NYC.

Tired and slightly grumpy yesterday morning, trying on my new 5preview for Weekday tisha.
I decided it is a keeper! I love it.

For more cool things from them, check out the link on your right!

Waffle breakfast with the girls yesterday. We needed to discuss the matters of my broken heart, as my ex and I are no longer on speaking terms since last week. What to do without your closest friends? Ah, I don't know! And, if good food in abundance is included, then there is no excuse not to!

Last night I was laying on my couch, watching the second season of The Tudors and eating popcorn when I just really felt the need to see someone.
So I texted my friend Elena from Florence (half Swedish half Italian, living quite close to me) and she came over for improvised poorman's pasta dinner. I also texted Emilia from work, she had been in working the whole day and I thought she'd need the distraction so I invited her too. They both came over and we had food and wine around 9 p.m. (Italian dinner hour), talking and talking and laughing. They ended up leaving my house at 4.30 a.m.! We had such a good time, the only bad thing is that we smoked at the table and I now lay in bed all day with the windows slightly open to get the nasty smell away.

But it was worth it!

Click on the photo or on the link below to check out this mini coverage of my friend Andreas' girlfriend Sofia from French Vogue! I think it's soo cool that she is featured (in FRENCH VOGUE!!!!) and I am not at all jealous. Eeeh.

I have also, due to cold weather and lack of energy, become a tv-show junkie!
I religiously follow The City (ooh, aah, the fashion in the Big Apple!), Criminal Minds, Dirty Sexy Money, Without a Trace, The Tudors, Californication (is there to be a 3rd season?), Lipstick Jungle, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Arrested Development, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.. Phew.
Everything that has somewhat of a storyline.
I also tried True Blood (horrible) and The L Word (lesbian sex made to please straight men? It's boring).

Ok, will do laundry, have icecream (after my healthy dinner of salmon fillet in oven with spinach and boiled dill potatoes) and watch the end of season two of the Tudors!

Yay! The duke of Suffolk is still the most handsome man! At work I e-mailed a photo of him in full costume to one of my co-workers, and now the whole female part of my section will start watching it!




I am sorry my dearest readers, I am a bad bad blogger.

Have had too much to attend to, like Stockholm Fashion Week the past week.
Then this weekend has been a two-day couch marathon,
I have watched so many tv-shows and eaten so much junk food in complete solitude.
I enjoyed every minute.

I need to digest the impressions from the past days of constant fashion, glamour and too much white wine (and the junk food previously mentioned of course).

Will get back to you in these days with a huge update!