Mitt foto
A close friend once said to me "Your search to define who you are has become an essential part of who you are". So therefore I will not introduce myself, not being quite sure yet. If you are reading this you are probably close to me and know me well already.


The update

Hi everyone...

Now it's photo time like I promised!

I saw a friend of mine today after work and she nagged me for never updating this page and told me I was the worst blogger ever and yes, I know I am, and I apologize.

I've had way too much to do, I'm not even on Facebook anymore.

Ok, so, first.. The apartment:

Here you enter. My hallway with shoes, only my favourite high heels could fit.
It indeed is a small hallway.

The bathroom.
New cabinet with the surgical light beaming, fresh and clean.
A shame I will never take baths in my bathtub though.

The hallway seen from bathroom.
Between the two closets is the kitchen but it's very messy at the moment..

The livingroom seen from the bathroom/hallway.
Still nothing on the walls since I move the furniture around every week.
Will also splurge on a flatscreen TV soon, and get the cable up and running.
Tomorrow trip to IKEA for curtains! Behind the side of the couch is the bedroom.

Bedroom, tiny but my calm and peace. The roller curtain does not protect from morning sunshine but I kinda llike to wake up and see the blue sky (whenever that actually happens)..
Do you recognize the photo in the window..?

The livingroom seen from the windows.
On the left is bedroom. On the right the dining table..
Anton Corbijn-photos still not hung, standing on piles of BON magazine.
Well. My home, my everything.

The view from my window, 10 mins ago. Sun setting over the city. Nice with waterfront view although the house is not so protected from the weather.
When it's windy I think the roof is going to fly off the walls!

When I was shopping around for furniture I went to a local little fleamarket close to my parents' house and found loads of cool stuff. Like this:

Kind of Art Deco-ish lamp, in black and gold metal, with silver metal lining on top.
I loved it but thought it would be too edgy in my flat.

Imagine to get this chair and redress it in Joseph Frank or maybe black linen..
Nowhere to put it unfortunately.

I also went out to see my friends DJ at Fredsgatan 12. I love the colours they project on the walls, like:

I went to the Sex and the City opening!

I saw this funny ad (below) for a wristwatch company and thought of my American friend..
Whose Blackberry I've wanted to throw in the Seine many times. That means he's NOT their target customer.

I had my moving-in party. Here Rasmus and my loveliest Jonna:

Midsummer passed silently and quietly with picknick in a local park.
Since it started raining we headed home to my place and we ended up staying there the entire evening, although we'd planned to go out.
The morning after I enjoyed the morning sunshine on the rooftop terrace, overlooking the City.

And now..

The BIG question:

I just found this ACNE-dress and I think I like it.

The colour is terracotta (although in the photos it looks more apricot which it isn't) and quite hard to pull off without looking like a greenish corpse (I hate olive skin) and the style is kinda puffy.

But I really think I like it.

I can return it within five days and get my money back, what do you think??

It has pockets hidden in the sideseams and one thigh-high cut on one side.

Please, I rely on you for comments.


..Gaah, I hate posing... So please make it worthwile by leaving a comment!


Life as I know it


Right now it's all worked out pretty well. I am amazed. A month ago I had nothing at all, then all of a sudden, poof.

Job and apartment!

Job is going well, I try to be as eager and helpful and attentive and awake as I possibly can those eight hours a day I'm there.
I never thought I'd be a company kinda person but already I am the poster girl for the company I work for. I am more impressed each day.
Organization runs smooth and the people are supernice and helpful. I feel appreciated and taken seriously.

Last week my superior (not my buyer but the section responsible) explained their planning for my career. She explained the goals set for each period (a year and a half divided into sections of six months each) and I got super stressed when she told me all the things I'll eventually know.
They will gradually prepare me for becoming a buyer.
I am phsyched but also stressed. All the things I will know, why don't I already know them?!
I'd like to dazzle them with my brightness, hahaha. I know they already think of me as a prodigy since I have no problems with learning the computer programs, but I'd like to be freakin' Rain Man here. Well well.

I am my own worst enemy.

The apartment is coming along. I love it to death. Everytime I'm out I want to go home.
I have bought some stuff for it, I had people over today, my cousin and her two sons (yeah, the only kids I like).
I felt I had to show them sorta what it'll look like and not just a plain empty room, that would've felt weird. Also I wanted my cousing to see how mature I have become.
I got a white blanket (since I get cold in the evenings), a little sofa cushion, two glass candle holders and some stuff for the kitchen. We still had to eat the pizza upstairs at the roof terrace since I have no chairs to sit on. And two kids, a pizza and a white couch is something I don't want to experience yet.

So, couch and dining table I got from IKEA. I had a nervous breakdown (seriously, I was hyperventilating) when I realized I was about to have my own IKEA showroom in my livingroom but I dissed the chairs and went for clean styles, so it really looks good (so far).
The dining table is 1.60 long but expandeable to 2.20. I am thrilled.

I am mixing it up with other stuff as well, like an old drawer, loads of books, an old light my ex made for me and that I love to death and some Anton Corbijn U2-photos. Eventually I hope to get loads of photos up in the corridor and maybe a piece or two by my friend Andreas.

On one hand I really want to get the place in order, on the other I am picky as h*ll with the stuff I am bringing in. Have become quite tight with my money, no crap and furry pencils here, no. But it's sooo hard and especially since I have had no interest whatsoever in home decoration.

Well well.

Have to organize for moving in party next weekend. Planning drinks in the park below in the afternoon, then light dinner and more party during the evening and then going to Berns or something similar.

Yesterday I got tickets for the Swedish opening of Sex and the City. And today I bought tickets for Jay-Z in Globen. Two big events in one long weekend! It'll be amazing.

This weekend I have mainly been staying in. I was sunbathing yesterday and today I have been shopping and then staying in with the kids and my cousin. When they left I had a glass of rosé and I watched the last episode of season one of Mad Men.
It's so good, I really enjoy that show.
Then I watched the animated movie "Horton hears a who" and laughed so hard I cried. I love animated movies. I really recommend it.

Then, now, before going to bed, I watched the Fabri Fibra videos, hoping to get inspired for some romantic dreams of any sort, since I have no such thing IRL.
In that area life couldn't be more boring and uneventful. Sniff.

In a couple of weeks time my long lost friend is coming to stay for a few days. I am so excited, we haven't seen each other since maybe five years ago. Today I sent her a little shoppinglist for things to bring me from the States...

1. Terra Potpurri crisps. My parents and Jonna got to try them. I was hooked but unfortunately I could only fit four bags in my already full suitcase..

2. A gorgeus hand creme that smells lovely. I tried the small one in NYC and have now asked for a big one! This one seriously rivals the L'Occitane Shea Butter creme.3. I forgot to, but I'll ask her for a scented candle as well. Since the only scented candle I really like here in Sweden is especially made for Carin Rodebjer and it's not for sale, I have to come up with options... Like this one.

4. I don't know how to walk in strappy sandals, I usually don't like them. But there's just something about these.. I fell in love with the clutch first (see below), but it's impossible to get a hold of, so I fígured these heels will be the next best thing. I love Nine West. White tank, jeans and these. Cool.
5. This was love at first sight. It even made me switch my cell on at Macy's to get a hold of Jonna back home, I wanted it that badly but it was sold out everywhere. So now I have asked my friend for one in the berry pink snakeskin colour. Maybe that was a bad idea? I thought it'd go well with white and black... Hmm. Advice?

Will go to bed now. Have smoked too much and my throat hurts.
Also, if I stay awake for much longer I might get a crazy impulse and call my ex in Italy, as always when I am bored and lonely.
I don't want to risk it, he's way too good for that and I love him to much to mess around any longer.

Night night.