Mitt foto
A close friend once said to me "Your search to define who you are has become an essential part of who you are". So therefore I will not introduce myself, not being quite sure yet. If you are reading this you are probably close to me and know me well already.


When you least expect it

The garlic in the pocket can be explained but won't.. Let's just say it's not his.

Ok, so, tried not to start this post with a photo but somehow I can't manage to get space inbetween the photo and the upper edge...

Just a quick post to tell you I'm well and still alive...

Still a sales merchandiser in Rome, Italy and still loving it. Living it up all over Italy and sometimes also abroad.

One of those abroad trips actually led to something very nice. Still so fresh and just a fling, but still adorable. And he makes me smile.

While I was taking pictures of this...

 He took pictures of me...

What did I just say? Adorable.


Sleepless nights

So, having lost my beloved camera I'm spending my nights roaming the net looking for a new one.

My old camera was an Olympus PEN E-PL1 and now I'm thinking of upgrading to an E-PL2. Any input? I love the retro looks of them and think the PL2 should be a good upgrade.

So, hello sleepless nights. It was so much easier to go to sleep at night not wondering what's out there...


Party button?

What would happen if, instead of switching off the lights, I'd push that identical button instead? The lights would dim and I would have a bar in my hotel room? Music, people, socializing? I'd be happy if only a glass of red would appear.. Don't dare pushing it though.


Travel snack

On the Termini train station going to Salerno. We're in our busiest period at work, with 12 store openings in 4 weeks. Divided between two stressed-out merchandisers. You do the math.

Anyway, on my way to Salerno, close to Napoli in the south of Italy. The only thing i know about Salerno is that they produce good wine, the Salice Salentino and the Negroamaro. Yum.

Since I was fashionably early for my train (there is no such thing as fashionably late when you're traveling- you arrive on time and look great or you arrive late, all messed up and sweaty and you have most likely already missed your train) I figured I'd get myself some breakfast for the train ride. Enter the classic Italian breakfast bar. Cappuccino to go, orange juice in bottle and then..? Something to eat. Basically this is how one gets fat in Italy. The choice of breakfast snack is immense and the one is sweeter than the other. Even the least unhealthy one, the wholewheat croissant, has honey in it and there is no way you can get it without.

So, I just go with the flow, accept my destiny and let myself enjoy the sugar rush.

Buongiorno a voi!


Mental home decoration

..Mental because it's only in my mind and mental also because I feel I'm going mental only focusing on different furniture, styles, brands, ideas and themes.

My keywords for the new place, hoping it will be the one I've already looked at, are space efficient, light, economic and elegant- but still personal.
It's hard, only looking at options for apartments I realize they rarely build them the way I'd prefer. Often I look at small rooms with limited daylight, small windows and horrible colour schemes. And, what I wouldn't give to get a balcony!

The ideal situation would be renting unfurnised but unfortunately I'm not made of money. Getting all the stuff from Ikea (the only option here in Italy for normal-priced furniture that doesn't look like it's been owned by people who are now dead of old age) would set me back at least €1000, easily.

So, hunting around for inspiration, as an attempt to focus on beautiful things and to recharge on positive energy. Still a little under the weather (and under a ***tful amount of work related stress) but focusing right now on the upcoming weekend. Lots of time to drift away in thoughts on the perfect kitchen table or bedside lamp!

Here are some of my favourite things currently in my Evernote inspiration folder! Enjoy!



Kartell Bourgie lamp

Flos Skygarden lamp


Bad conscience

Hi all,

I am truly sorry for my lack of posts since July. I know it's been two months of silence.

Well, let me tell you; so much has been going on. Work, as always, super hectic and super much. Plus, vacation times, change of seasons (fashionally speaking), after summer stress, autumn cold and a certain gloominess... Plus, I have started looking for a new place to live as my neighbours are driving me insane. So, I am actually looking forward to counting in 2012 in a new apartment with Ikea boxes all around me! Keep your fingers crossed, I might just have found the place!

Will keep you posted. I promise you. I will update and tell you all. Right now, I need to sleep as I had a meltdown at work today after suffering this cold for weeks. Left early and tucked myself underneath the sheets for the rest of the day.

Good night!


July 2011 so far




Paris, Cafe Delaville

Birthday celebration 30th birthday, Rome