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A close friend once said to me "Your search to define who you are has become an essential part of who you are". So therefore I will not introduce myself, not being quite sure yet. If you are reading this you are probably close to me and know me well already.


All work and no play..

..Makes Jenny a sad girl.

Work is slowly killing me. Not that I am complaining, I am lucky to have a job. It's just that I realize I haven't seen any of my friends for the last two weeks.

Have just watched Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle. Realizing more and more that I need to be in a place that gives me energy, not just taking it. I need to be in a thriving and beating place, where anything is possible.
The rest would be up to me.

And here I am, in a place where it's all up to me, all the time. If you want something, make it happen, goes the saying. Why can't it just happen?

And I know some of you might be delighted to read this, but this loneliness is slowly getting to me. Now it's the time for curling up in bed with someone and I just can't seem to find this person to just hold my head when I'm falling aslep on the nightbus, that person that pulls me back into bed when it's time to get up. And I hate myself for saying it, since I'm not that needy person, but I kind of want that.

If it doesn't happen very soon I will turn bitter and I don't want to.

Love love love was all over the place in Lipstick Jungle.
Inspiring but also completely exhausting.

I have a pile of old photos on my table, I need to reframe them and put them up on a wall. I flicked through them and I realized it was a very long time since I was smiling like that. Surrounded by the people I love in a place I came to call my home.

Florence has never seemed so far away. I miss it dearly.

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Next time I'll be cheerier. Dealing with fashion for a living makes me very unfashionable in my spare time. I'll get back to it, I promise.

Once upon a time..
..there was a girl..
..that never was lonely..
..nor bored..
..'cause she was living her life like this..
..every evening of the week!


Hi all!

Sitting with a glass of red Tuscan wine, newly showered, waiting for the new episode of Lipstick Jungle to download. I have worked a total of 36 hours the latest three days, I am exhausted.

My buyer has been to Hong Kong and Korea for a week, then she jetted off on vacation to the Maldives for two weeks. I love the responsibility I have when I'm alone but don't really understand why the working hours pass twice as fast whenever she is gone. I always run out of time.

I like the fact that I am good at what I am doing. Today I had a talk with my boss about my job and my position and my role and my expectations and so on. Very good talk, it was important for me to know if they will let me sign a real contract and how I was doing according to them. And, they love me!

I could not be happier (and more tired)!

My boss also stated that I will become a buyer in the near future, I will start off soon with becoming responsible for a smaller section first. She also said that my main strength is in fashion, trends and fashion forecasting.
That made me very happy since that is bascially what I love.

I love myself almost as much as Vanity Smurf

So, rewarding myself with some good tv, enjoying the fact that today America wrote history when electing Obama for next president. I think it can be really good.

Since I work a lot I don't get to play a lot and I fear I have no friends left since I can only socialize in the weekends. I am bad at keeping in touch since I forget to answer on text messages or e-mails, I don't return phonecalls.. I really don't have the time during the days.

I also rewarded myself with a can of baby corn. Not even fresh baby corn, I love heating the canned ones and then let a big piece of butter melt on top of it.. It's seriously one of my favourite things to eat.

I have no time nor energy to cook dinner anymore, so I have stopped watching food tv every evening. So I have stopped being hungry all the time (I am now tired all the time, at least that doesn't make me fat) and I am back like 6 years in time when I had no interest whatsoever in food. Then my favourite thing to eat was quick macaronis with microwaved frozen meatballs and butter. And I could eat things out of cans. And, it's like that now as well. Canned corn, canned beans.. Noodles with soy sauce and garlic.. Anyways. Enough about food.

My darling Bruce in NYC has met a friend of a friend of his, a Swedish girl that works as a handbag merchandiser for Marc Jacobs. I told him to keep that contact and I will take him up on his offer to speak to her on my behalf later. It's bascially my dream job.

I have had some fun recently though.

My friend Tove was here for a weekend, we had dinner with Jonna and then went out. Jonna and I even made it to Berns, sipping mojitos all the way. Jonna is the best wing man ever, she was pimping me out like never before.

Tove at my roof-top terrace

Jonna mixing mojitos in my kitchen

My favourite place in Stockholm, Berns

I have also been out again with Jonna, for Halloween. We went to Le Rouge in the Old Town to try their famous cocktails. Unfortunately the atmosphere was sleepy so we just went to East and then home. No pimping last weekend, too bad.

I have also been trying to shop. I find things I like but then I don't go for it. Perhaps it's the experience of living last month without any money for the last two weeks. It was horrible and I don't want to be there again.

I did find this though:

The vest is from Zara and the turquoise jacket from Diesel.

When Tove was here she went to a shoe meeting (she's working with shoes) and she brought me this picture. I have to have them for Autumn 2009.

And I have become such a download junkie. All tv-shows that air in the States now again; Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, Criminal Minds, Mad Men, Lipstick Jungle..

The last one is even better than the first season, I am totally in love with Kirby Atwood, the young photographer.. He's strong and masculine, yet so romantic and crazy and sweet and caring..

Usually I don't even like muscly men but he's really something.

Also, I want to look like Victory Ford, the incredibly cute designer!
She's perhaps half Asian and really really pretty..

Hmm, tired and stressed out.. And they say all Asians look the same. Right.

Saluting you from my cold city.

I found this on my camera the other day, the evening view from the roof-top a warm summer evening..


So sorry

Will write a massive update when I have the time and energy..

I wish I could say I had been busy dating but unfortunately work takes up most of my time and energy..! Love it though, just a little.. lot.. much right now.

Will post pics and text tomorrow if I have the time, promise!