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A close friend once said to me "Your search to define who you are has become an essential part of who you are". So therefore I will not introduce myself, not being quite sure yet. If you are reading this you are probably close to me and know me well already.


U2 at Letterman Show Friday March 6th

U2 at Letterman Show Thursday March 5th

U2 at Letterman Show Wednesday March 4th

Photos from Florence

Flying over the Italian Alps. Always so beautiful, I love taking photos when I'm flying!

Finally arrived in Florence. Outside Natalia's house.
Travelled quite light, did my best to pack but I did in the middle of the night so I had no clue really what I put in that little suitcase.

In PIazza Signoria, in the heart of Firenze.
Was so delighted to be back, we had lunch at La Posta, my favourite hang-out!

The evening after we were invited to a dinner in San Casciano in the countryside.
Here is Natalia with her friend Hana.

All the good food we could eat. Salumi, risotto, pasta bolognese, salad..! Lots of wine.

Nati and me by the huge fireplace.

Natalia and Andrea did their best to get me drunk so I would come out with them after the dinner!

Before leaving the house to go to Colle Bereto.
Myself, Andrea, Natalia and Hana!

Hana, Melina and myself.
Both girls are great, Melina is wild and lots of fun, we hit it off straight away!

With Jennifer and Nicola at Colle Bereto. Jennifer is Natalia's friend, and Nicola is Jennifer's boyfriend.
Great great people, lots of fun.
I made many new great friends this trip!

Natalia, Gerardo and myself.
Gerardo is crazy, he has the confidence of a male supermodel.
Funny but not so nice if you catch his attention, he's hard to shake off (you face)!

This guy the girls call "the little Lord", he's half Brittish and half Italian, such a gentleman!
I really fancied him although in reality he's a little short.
At first sight it struck me how similar he is to Chris O'Donnell.
I like Chris O'Donnell!

Natalia and myself in Nicola's car.
I love this photo, we had the best time in the back seat!
On our way to the night club Full Up.

We went for aperitivo Tuesday evening, at OÈ, a Japanese style restaurant.
Ok food but the best part was the downstairs smoking lounge.

Wednesday I met Victoria for a coffee at my old University café at Via Alfani.
Then we biked off to her place for lunch, spaghetti with tuna tomato sauce, really good!

In the evening Vicky came over to our place to go out.
Here we are posing the kitchen, next to Audrey on the cover of Vogue!

On our way to Open Bar, Karin and myself are posing next to the glow-in-the-dark-policemen at Ponte Vecchio.

The vodka at Slowly.
It was by Roberto Cavalli but I'm not sure it tasted greater than any other I have tasted?
The display was really pretty though!

Next to Ponte Santa Trinità with Ponte Vecchio in the back, going for a drink at Nove to hear my old Gucci colleague Gianni spin records.
We met up with my other Gucci friends Alessandro and Pedro.
Nice wine but no food.

After Nove we met up with Alexandra at Colle Bereto (again).
Had more drinks and then went upstairs quickly.
Alex had just been to the hairdresser to get highlights, so we had to show her new hair off!

The night of the big party at Casa Sweden!
Here, Sofia and myself are preparing dinner in the kitchen!

Here Natalia and I are posing.
She had planned the party very precisely, I might hire her services the next time I need to throw a big-ass party! Kudos for all the Italian men showing up, haha!

Karin and Sofia enjoying the food (pasta with ricotta tomato sauce) and wine!

Natalia posing with Hanna!
So nice to meet up with long-lost friends from the past!

Cuddling with Vicky, one of my closest friends in Florence.
I miss her so much but at least I had the time to see her, her new apartment and her boyfriend (fiancé!).

Getting cosy with Hanna!

Toasting with prosecco brought to us by a girl from that precise area of Italy!
It was sooo good!

Alexandra and Natalia enjoying the prosecco in the kitchen!

I found Jennifer in the big crowd.
Thanked her and Nicola for last week at Colle and Full Up, I had such a great time.

After that I don't remember that much of the evening. When the others left to go clubbing, myself, Natalia and Alexandra stayed in to clean up the mess. When Karin and Sofia returned home at 5 a.m. the house was so clean they said it was like it never happened. Haha!

With Karin at La Posta before leaving for the airport.
I had a tuna salad the size of my head, didn't want to risk a tummy ache with some bresaola (like Karin had) even though I love it.

Anja Rubik

She's so great, my favourite supermodel as of now.

I love this little snippet, I get fashion high from it!