Mitt foto
A close friend once said to me "Your search to define who you are has become an essential part of who you are". So therefore I will not introduce myself, not being quite sure yet. If you are reading this you are probably close to me and know me well already.


The new me

I am very happy. I love my hairdresser.


Fringes, overalls and chinos

This is what greets me most mornings at the bus-stop.
Living in a country that is halfway in to fall has it perks when mornings are crisp and the light is cold.

I have worked like crazy these past days, for like a week I haven't left earlier than 20.30 at night.
Falling in to bed, or even worse, in to the couch where I've lay until midnight, drooling to BBC Food but way too tired to cook dinner.

The best part is, I love what I do and I think I'm good at it.
And also, we get cake sometimes!
That is the perk with working for a company that earns alot.

Plenty of cake!

Last weekend I managed to bribe Jonna into coming and helping me repaint my livingroom.
I thought it would take like three hours.
It took two days.

I also tempted her with the possibility of seeing me looking like an a**, in a little painter's overall.

Did I look like an a**? Judge for yourself.
I might add though, so did she!

Still going on about those glasses.
Everyone keeps telling me differently. And I have no clue.
One moment YSL, the next Armani.

Fringe though, that will happen for real tomorrow. Yup.

No more dodgy fake-fringe hair photos on this blog!

In my mind I will look like Monica Bellucci, in real life I will probably look like any token Asian woman (cartoon if you will) or that little Sanrio Pukka charachter. Yikes!

YSL, dark brown tortoise colour

Armani again.

Well well.
Missing some good friends right now, that are far far away.
Also, missing my Florentine life. Missing being in control of my life.
Right now, I'm in control of all children's accessories S/S 2009 but the rest..? Well.

Baby steps.

Cute business controller on our neighbour department, but I think those economy guys are more into Ralp Lauren girls and blond ponytails.
Today, I even think he wore chinos and low Adidas Stan Smiths.
Isn't that token, well, then I don't know.

Shower and then episode 4 of Gossip Girl! Aah, I just love Wednesdays!


Four-eyed woman

Armani, tortoise colour

Armani again, same as above

YSL, toffee brown

YSL, same as above

So, what do you reckon? The fake fringe (messy hair) is also an experiment. Think I really like it though.


Funny quote

"If you turn into a pickle, there's no way of going back to being a cucumber".

This was said by some old rock star when talking about drugs, that there is no going back once you get hooked on heroin or something.
I thought it was funny.

Have been ill and quite down and out for some time, hence the bad blogging.

Dear readers (or whomever is still reading), I apologize.

Dreaming of exes and their break-ups (that probably will never come true), working working working, having Josefin over after four months apart.. Shopping, planning for Tove's visit in two weeks, eating way too many cookies, getting wasted on champagne, fixed my broken Gucci shoe for my last money this month..

Well. Nothing new really.

Am also trying out glasses and I had borrowed three different ones to take home and show you but I rushed from work and forgot them there. Will keep you posted.

Sorry for keeping it short but at the moment I am out of energy and need some rest.

Also, preparing for the Worldwide Blackout at 21.50 tonight!
Will you join?


Small update

Hi peeps!

Sorry for being a crappy blogger. I've had too much on my mind after coming home from Paris.

Will write much more another day. Until then, here are some pics!

At Place des Vosges, being incredibly happy

Our hotel was right up the street from my future workplace

The river seen from Pont Neuf

Lunch in Belleville, the best vegetarian cous-cous I've ever had

Dinner in St Germain

The French croissants are the best in the world

Our hotel room was very.. orange..

The ladies room at the restaurant at Palais Royal..

Palais Royal.. Some of the splendid architecture there.

Best friends in Paris

On our way home, I was happy for my new bag from La Fayette.
It held most of my.. everything.